Don Mueang Airport Services

Don Mueang Airport has plenty of services to accommodate their passengers while waiting for their flight.

Within the airport terminals you can find food & drink and leisure services such as restaurants, cafés, shops, etc.

Some of the services offered are:

- Water fountains
- Currency exchange and banking
- Toilets
- Public telephones
- Information desks
- Duty free stores
- Lost and found
- Hotel reservation counter
- Baggage storage
- Meeting point
- Ground transportation options (car rental, bus and taxi)
- Food and drink concessions
- ATMs
- VIP lounges
- Special airport lounges (Sanghas and Samaneras lounge)
- Muslim prayer room
- Baggage claim
- Baggage trolley
- Barber shop
- Free Wi-Fi connection
- PRM toilets
- Smoking allowed areas
- Mobile phone services
- Retail, food and drink concessions
- Tour service
- Airline ticket offices
- Reception room for Buddhist monks
- Post office
- Currency exchange
- First aid station
- Muslim prayer room
- Sleep box
- Pharmacy
- SIM cards
- VAT refund
- Baggage storage
- Medical services
- Sauna & spa
- Beauty salon
- Conference facilities
- Cash machines
- Business lounge
- Playground

There are ATMs located throughout the airport terminals.

Baby care
You can find baby care facilities inside the toilets.

There is a pharmacy at your disposal in the fourth level of Terminal 2 ready to assist you.

Lost and Found
For any personal belonging lost within the airport terminals, you can find a Lost and found center in both airport terminals: In terminal 1 is located at the first level, while in terminal 2 is at the third level.

Medical Services
To be able to get medical assistance, the airport clinic is available in the first floor of Terminal 1. On the other hand, the Medical Center can be found in the third floor of Terminal 2.

Baggage Storage
At the fourth level of Terminal 2 and at the first level of Terminal 1 there are baggage storages available for passengers’ convenience.

Special airport lounges
The Sanghas Samaneras lounges are specially designed for Buddhist monks who wish to develop their Buddhist activities. They are located in the third floor of Terminal 2.

Information counter
For any information regarding the airport and any of its services, there are two information counters in Terminal 1 ready to attend your queries. They are located in the Departures Hall and in the Arrivals Hall.

Muslim Prayer room
The Muslim Prayer room is ready for all Muslim travellers who wish to take a relaxation time prior to board their flight. Find it in the third floor of Terminal 2, close to the connection to Terminal 1.

Currency exchange
Find Currency Exchange booths along Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Sauna & Spa
If you wish to relax and spend time for yourself, at Don Mueang Airport there are several lounges available at Terminal 2 with a wide number of therapies. Find the three of them in either level three and level four.

For families and specially kids, there is a playground. It is located in the third floor of Terminal 2 in both domestic and international departures. Opening hours: From 00:00 am to 23:59 pm.