Don Mueang Airport Guide to Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 serves domestic and regional flights.

The newest of the airport terminals – It was reopened after major redevelopment works completed in 2015. By this way, Don Mueang Airport raised its capacity to 30 million passengers a year.

It is an isolated terminal, even though is connected to Terminal 1 by a walkway.

Transfer between terminals

You can connect to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 by a walkway. By car you can also access to them – You just need to go through the Don Mueang Tollway.


Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 is divided into 4 levels:

First level: Domestic Arrivals. This is the Domestic Arrivals Hall. Find outside this level ground transportation options such as rental car partners and bus. Inside the hall, the baggage claim area is composed by 6 baggage belts and customs. Adjacent to this level, there is P2 car park. Services available: Toilets, information counter, PRM toilets, water fountains, car rental partners’ booths, smoking allowed areas, meeting point, ATMs, mobile phone services, retail, food and drink concessions. By this section you can either access to the upper level or to transfer to Terminal 1 at the north end.

Second level: The Airline Office level. This is purely one of the service dedicated floors, counting with connection to the Magic Food Park, parking lot 2 and P3, and to food concessions on the upper level.

Third level: Departures. This is the Domestic Departures Hall. Once entering the hall, you’ll first see the check-in counters, located in the central core of the first section. Also in this section, you can find a couple of information counters located prior to the check-in counters. There are many services available prior to the security control: Toilets, PRM toilets, water fountains, smoking allowed areas, tour service, airline ticket offices, VIP lounges, Muslim prayer room, lost and found, reception room for Buddhist monks, post office, currency exchange, first aid station, food and drink concessions. After security, you can access to piers 3 to 5, and consequently to gates 73 to 78. Basic services available: Toilets. PRM toilets, stores, water fountains and access to the upper or lower floor by escalators and lifts. Additionally, prior security, you can transfer to Terminal 1 at the north end.

Fourth level: Services. Find in this level a wide variety of amenities such as sleep box, toilets, PRM toilets, water fountains, food, drink and retail concessions. Other services: Pharmacy, information counter, public telephone, tourist information, SIM cards, VAT refund, baggage storage, medical services, sauna & spa, beauty salon, post office, conference facilities, banking facilities (currency exchange and cash machines), business lounge.


The following airlines operates at Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2:

- Thai AirAsia
- Orient Thai Airlines
- Thai Lion Air
- Thai Smile
- Nok Air


The following services and amenities are available at Don Mueang Airport terminal 2:

- Toilets
- Information counter
- PRM toilets
- Water fountains
- Car rental partners’ booths
- Smoking allowed areas
- Meeting point
- ATMs
- Mobile phone services
- Retail, food and drink concessions
- Tour service
- Airline ticket offices
- VIP lounges
- Lost and found
- Reception room for Buddhist monks
- Post office
- Currency exchange
- First aid station
- Free Wi-Fi connection 
- Muslim prayer room
- Sleep box
- Pharmacy
- SIM cards
- VAT refund
- Baggage storage
- Medical services
- Sauna & spa
- Beauty salon
- Conference facilities
- Cash machines
- Business lounge
- Playground