Don Mueang Airport Guide to Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)

Don Mueang Airport Terminal map

Don Mueang Airport was first opened in 1914 as a Royal Thai Air Force base, being the oldest operating airport in Asia. Later on, in 1924, the first commercial flight by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines arrived in Don Mueang Airport, becoming by this way one of the world’s oldest commercial airports.

In 2006, Don Mueang Airport closed its gates due to major renovations and mostly by the inauguration of Suvarnabhumi Airport, which was supposed to replace it. On the following year, Don Mueang Airport reopened as a regional and low-cost carrier hub, grating in 2015 the title of the largest low-cost airport in the world.

Transfer between terminals

You can connect to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 by a walkway. By car you can also access to them – You just need to go through the Don Mueang Tollway.

Terminal 1

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 is the oldest terminal of all of them. It serves as the international terminal, hosting all of the international services; in instance, it is also home of some domestic flights. This terminal is formed by three levels, although the second one is not opened to general public.

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Terminal 2

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 is the newest one of the two airport terminals. It just serves domestic and regional flights within the country. Given its features, it is an isolated terminal, which is easily connected to Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is split into four levels, providing to passengers a wide number of services.

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